XTL Augers provide a far superior service life than conventional augers on the market.


* 10 gauge heavy-wall tubing (the heaviest in the industry)

* 1/4" High-performance flighting with an expanded pitch reduces maintenance & replacement costs.

* Twinned intake flighting increases output capacity.

* Our unique double scissor lift design maximizes the reach of the intake & discharge ends, eliminating the a-frame, winch & cable 

* #80HD top chain drive with grease bath 

* Slim Fit full-flow intake end with replaceable bronze bushing & built-in Hydra-Sweep mount receiver

* Reversing gearbox & shifter kit

* LED light kit

* Hydra Sweep

* No-Spill Hopper

* Oil-bath chain drive upgrade

* Heavy duty double-60 chain driven wheels coupled with positive spring loaded pin engagements provides extended service life, reducing sprocket wear.

* Joystick steering matched with a variable speed control enhances positioning of auger under hoppers with precise control.

* Heavy duty 18.5" twinned castor wheels provide maximum stability through rough terrain.

* Pedestal-mounted control panel is operational in both directions for easier handling.

* Heavy duty twin-tube rugged H-frame.

* Vanguard 37HP EFI gasoline engine matched with a 10 gallon steel fuel reservoir 

* Soft-Start hydraulic belt tensioner 3-banded belt delivers a smooth belt engagement & no shock on the drive line. 

* 10-gallon steel oil tank with 10-micron filter keeps oil cool, clean & prolongs hydraulic system.

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