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Meridian HD10-53


* Heavy duty, #50 double chain drive with positive spring pin engagement ensures traction in mud and snow.
* Removable Castor Wheel reduces weight on Auger Tube when towing.
* Unique sleek design eliminates obstructions entering bin.
* Easy access between posts on hopper bottom bins.
* Variable speed control enhances safety in all functions.
* User-friendly Pedestal is operational in both directions for easier handling.
* Hydraulically-Driven Winch Drive Motor and Mounting Kit
* Steel oil tank with 10 micron filter, keeps oil cool and clean.
* Rigid A-Frame design and heavy duty Castor Wheel provides stability and easy maneuvering.


Our Power Steering Add-on Kit provides precise maneuvering of your Auger.


The Kit includes an Equal-Proportional Splitter Valve, a 1-Spool Hydraulic Control Bank, Hoses and Fittings, Heavy-Duty Castor Wheel Assembly with 16.5" Tire & a Valve Mounting Plate


When installed, this converts our Standard Tire Traction into two 1-Spool Valves which allows each tire to be independently controlled, allowing you to easily position your auger EXACTLY where you need it.

Power Steering is optional on Sakundiak/Meridian HD8-39 & HD8-46, however we recommend it be installed to gain maximum satisfaction with the E-Kay Mover Package.

On the HD7-53, HD8-53, HD8-59, TL10-39, HD10-46, & HD10-53 models of Augers, the Power Steering add-on is required with the base Mover Kit.

Easy Access to your bins
Rigid A-Frame Design
Standard Steering Package
Speed Control comes Standard
#50 Double Chain Drive
Hydraulic Winch Drive