E-Kay Auger Movers
E-Kay Auger Movers
E-Kay Auner Movers


* Heavy Duty, #50 Double Chain Drive with positive spring pin engagement

ensures traction in mud and snow.
* Removable Castor Wheel reduces weight on Auger Tube when towing.
* Unique sleek design eliminates obstructions entering bin.
* Easy access between posts on hopper bottom bins.
* Variable Speed Control enhances safety in all functions.
* User-friendly Pedestal is operational in both directions for easier handling.
* Winch drive package
* Steel Oil Tank with 10-micron filter, keeps oil cool and clean.
* Rigid A-Frame design and heavy duty Castor Wheel provides stability and easy maneuvering.


Add-On Options

* E-Kay Power Steering Option provides precise manuvering of your Auger. Each tire is independently controlled with it's own Spool Valve control, allowing you to easily position your auger EXACTALY where you need it.

* Scissor Lift Add-On (See Scissor Lift under "GRAIN HANDLING" menu for more information)

* E-Kay HD Mover Upgrade includes 5-Bolt Highway Rated Spindles, #60 Double Chain Drive, and unmatched durability on the wheel drives for 10" x 46' , 10" x 53', and 10" x 59' Meridian Augers with our Mover.

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