Auger Mover Options:

Our Power Steering Add-on Kit provides precise maneuvering of your Auger.


The Kit includes an Equal-Proportional Splitter Valve, a 1-Spool Hydraulic Control Bank, Hoses and Fittings, Heavy-Duty Castor Wheel Assembly with 16.5" Tire & a Valve Mounting Plate


When installed, this converts our Standard Tire Traction into two 1-Spool Valves which allows each tire to be independently controlled with its own Spool Valve control, allowing you to easily position your auger EXACTLY where you need it.


Power Steering Add-on Kits are available as an option on Standard E-Kay® Auger Movers

installed onto Meridian HD8-33, HD8-39 & HD8-46 Augers

We install HD Power Steering Mover Kits on Meridian TL10-39 Augers to provide more robust Wheel Drives for farmers who transport their TL10-39 Augers from Bin Yard to Bin Yard frequently on Highways and Grid Roads.


Our HD Package upgrades the #50 Double Roller Chain & Sprockets to #60 Double Roller Chain & Sprockets. 5-Bolt Spindles, Ag Rims & 235/75R15 Tires can also be installed in place of the Standard Road Gear.


For More information about our HD Power Steering Movers, please CLICK HERE to Contact us.

Quick Tip...

If you find that you struggle to reach into the centre of your Flat Bottom Bins with your existing E-Kay® Mover Package, or perhaps you don't own an E-Kay® Mover Package yet, consider adding on our Scissor Lift Add-on kit to an existing or new E-Kay® Mover Package (Restrictions apply to Augers Models the kit is available on).


Get TOTAL REACH on the intake of your Auger. NO OBSTRUCTIONS from the Intake to the Gear Box!

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